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Zhejiang InfiniteColor Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech professional research and development of masterbatch production enterprises.The main products masterbatch of high-quality polyester masterbatch, polypropylene masterbatch, nylon masterbatch, used to replace the traditional dyeing technology to protect the environment, while relatively more economical, convenient and durable, with a high cost performance.At the same time, we also developed some functional master…



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Product Center

PET Polyester Masterbatch

PET Polyester Masterbatch mainly used for dyeing of clothing, shoes, bags, automotive interior and so on...

PA6 Nylon Masterbatch

PA6 Nylon Masterbatch mainly used for dyeing of clothing, shoes, bags, automotive interior and so on...

Other functional Masterbatch

Such as Chain extenders, Flow improvers, Anti-UV, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidation and a series of products。


Product Advantages

  • Stable color control system and Imported X-rite professional color instrument

  • Complete management of Color Library File

  • Import high-grade raw materials, and strictly screened by professionals

  • Complete laboratory testing and analysis equipment

  • Special screw combinations are used to cope with increasing dispersion requirements

  • Research and development of fiber modified masterbatch with Materials and Engineering Cooperation of Donghua University

  • Established the technical cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises BASF, Orion and other units



Automotive interior

Outdoor product

High-grade Nylon color

PTT Elastic fiber

ES composite fiber

Superfine fiber


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